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5 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Boost Your Profits Now

Why Not Develop Better Relationships with Your Target Market? 

Oct 12 2018 // by Geoff Sheerar

5 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Boost Your Profits Now

Did you know that email marketing can work remarkably well at connecting  target audiences with brands, regardless of specific areas of industry?

It’s true. In fact, few business owners realize that email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient and effective methods of direct marketing available today. 

But what can email newsletters do to drive profits? 

1. Generate More Sales

First and foremost, email marketing can boost profits through additional sales of specific products/services. Newsletters can be created with one or multiple calls to action in order to to drive sales, traffic, sign-ups, etc. 

Being one of the most cost-effective types of any direct marketing, email marketing enables you to reach literally thousands of people for very little cost. In fact, if you are working with a subscriber list of under 2000, Mailchimp won’t even charge you to use the service. And their service is at the front of that industry pack right now. 

At this super low cost, you can promote and sell your brand’s core goods/services, in a manner that’s relatively unobtrusive to the target audience. All they have to do is go to their Inbox. 

2. Cement Status As Trusted Expert

Connecting this way continually fosters a higher level of trust for the audience in the brand as the brand consistently shows that it has the needs of its audience top of mind. 

It also strengthens the audience’s perception of the brand as the first expert in the area that they think of when they need something related, particularly when the focus of the campaigns is on informational and educational content. 

A higher level of trust and a stronger perception of the brand as expert raise the direct probability of increases revenues and profits. 

3. Develop Better Connections with Target Markets

With few limits on the types or the amount of content that can be used in email marketing, there are bountiful opportunities of ways to share helpful information and potentially create some dialogue. 

Just to name three easy options, a brand can ask for direct feedback on customer experience, set up an online poll, include buttons drive audience members to call directly. That can not only help to foster trust, but also provide specific data that can be used to inform future decisions. It can go a long way in terms of lifetime customer value when the audience consistently sees their experiences being prioritized. 

4. Additional Content Exposure

Just wrote a great blog article or got a super testimonial, why not show them off to the audience on your email list? 

To get more mileage out of good branding content that already exists, email marketing offers a valuable avenue to repurpose this content. Examples of content include anything that may be of interest to your target market, including answers to frequently asked questions, insights about the work the brand is doing, client recommendations, etc. Use these judiciously and keep them surrounded mainly by information valuable to the reader, and you will get more mileage out of any expenses already incurred. 

5. Convert More Leads

Automated email campaigns (or drip campaigns) can be particularly effective at driving profits by converting additional leads. 

These are campaigns where a series of pre-written emails is sent out on a regular basis to a user after a specific action is taken by a user. For instance, someone buys tickets for a concert and they get follow up emails that include the reciept, event reminders, etc.

Drip campaigns can help drive profits when they are set up thoughtfully to keep in touch with a lead who has shown interest in a brand, but has not necessarily completed the main call to action (like a purchase, sign-up, etc.). Keeping these leads in a closer loop raises the probability of additional conversions. 

No Boost Without Consistency

In order to for email marketing to have a chance to boost profits, it has to be consistent and focused on the readers’ needs. 

Become that expert, share that information, experience some engagement with your target market. And above all, enjoy yourself a bit while you do. 

Questions or comments? Contact me directly. 

Want to have your email marketing set up and handled for you? 

Our firm will create and manage a customized strategy for you. 

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