Resource Recommendation – Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Is it possible to be more productive with less effort and resistance?

Jan 20 2021 // by Geoff Sheerar


Applicable both professionally and personally, our team found this book by Greg McKeown full of valuable ideas and themes, including how to best define genuinely fulfilling achievement, what a legit work-life balance looks like, and how to get better at the often tortuous task of saying “No”.

Is it possible to be more productive with less effort and resistance? The author’s thesis it isn’t just possible, but that we can only make our highest contribution when we focus exclusively on the things that matter most, and proactively ignore everything else. In other words, the “relentless pursuit of less but better“.

It’s worth a read, particularly in the beginning of the year, when we often seek re-alignment with our own senses of purpose, professionally and personally.

Learn more about the ways of the Essentialist.

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