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The Key to Email Marketing that Actually Works

Keep a long vision with your audience’s needs front and center.

Dec 04 2018 // by Geoff Sheerar

The Key to Email Marketing that Actually Works

There is a lot of horrendous email marketing out there. 

You may have already received some today. 

At best, it’s boring and annoying, at worst, it’s blatantly self-serving and unwanted. 

This is not the right approach.

Keep the Focus on Solutions to the Reader’s Needs

Like any effective direct marketing, email newsletter campaigns must be consistent to show results. Not only that, but they must be also thoughtfully planned and created with solutions to the reader’s needs front and center. 

Many brands make the mistake of stuffing their email marketing campaigns with content that’s self-focused and boring to the reader; like company news, awards won, etc. Snooze-fests all around. 

Worst thing about them is that poorly executed email newsletter campaigns often do more harm than good to their brands, particularly in the eyes of their target audiences. 

Tidbits of information about the brand can be valuable to throw into an email newsletter, but shouldn’t ever be the main focus of a campaign meant to drive connection, engagement or profits. 

The Key is a Long Vision 

The most effective email marketing takes a long vision. 

It is not about promoting a new product/service a couple times over a year in an attempt to get a bump in sales. It isn’t about highlighting an event coming up with no other communication over the year. These strategies leave readers feeling cheap and lead to a lot of unsubscribes. 

Taking a long vision, the most effective email marketing works to develop a better relationship between the audience and the brand over months and (ideally) years. But to maintain a relationship for that long today is an uphill battle. Brands must offer value and authenticity if they want to even have a chance. 

Focused and connected brands will offer highly relevant content that educates and informs the reader (at least a little bit) with each installment. Often the best email marketing content leaves a reader feeling better off having read it.

Have Fun with It

There is a reason that you do what you do, and hopefully that has is something you enjoy. Dive into that. Think about what you could go on and on about what you do, and consider the layperson and the points of your thoughts that they would find interesting. Have fun with it. 

Questions? Comments? Feel free to reach out to me.

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