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People use Google Search as their #1 source of information, now more than ever. If you are depending only on social media and email to deliver you leads online, your organization is missing out. Google Ads enables organizations to reach customers above the top organic search results, and only pay for the clicks they receive.

Our team can manage a campaign for your organization that is precisely targeted to the details of your most valuable leads and to your budget.

You determine those parameters, and we handle the rest.


Why Is Google Ads An Effective Use of My Budget?

Convert browsing into business

Highly customizable targeting capabilities

Get global reach on the Google Search Network

Spend efficiently by only paying for received clicks

Specialized ads direct leads to your specific offerings

Results are transparent and easily trackable

Limit your budget to the exact amount you want to spend


This Is Not Old Fashioned Advertising

Google Ads is not only effective and easily scalable with transparent results, but it also offers a wealth of information about your customers, helping you improve your marketing efforts, products and services.


Native Theory Digital is a Google Partner

Being a Google Partner means a different level of specialist to manage your Google Ads.
Requirements include completing the specialized educational process, managing a minimum amount of budgets within Google Ads, and keeping all related campaigns above a set % level of optimization.
Bottomline, being a Google Partner means that we’ve demonstrated our ability to maximize campaign success, drive client growth, and earn the latest Google Ads product certifications.

Google Ads Management Packages

From Initial Set-up
to Ongoing Management,
We Take Care of Everything

We know that to get the best possible results given its vast capabilities, each campaign in Google Ads must be carefully set up and configured, before one dollar of budget is spent.

Once the budget does start being spent, ongoing optimization is critical to a campaign's growth and success, including everything from the top campaign down to the last keyword.

We actively manage all of it for you.


Included in Google Ads Campaign Set-up

Keyword Research
  • Comprehensive keyword research focused on brand, services/products and competition
  • Creation of multiple positive keyword lists, each segmented by category
  • Creation of a unified negative keyword list to prevent the wrong traffic from being served the ads
Campaign Configuration
Ad Creation

Google Ads Campaign Set-up packages start at $425.

Included in Google Ads Campaign Ongoing Optimization

Google Ads Campaign Ongoing Optimization packages start at $525/mo.

First Steps

Getting Started

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  1. Links to the products/services on your website that you want to promote
  2. Details about your target market(s)
  3. The range of your monthly budget (min. $750/mo)

Contact us with your questions, and for more details on the potential results we could produce for your organization.



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